Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Shower Numero Uno

Mindy's baby shower was wonderful!!!! I had great helpers with the food the night before and Mindy helped me with the crazy Mrs. Potts cake pops the Friday night before.

The first cake pops I made were easy, although no baby faces, my baby faces were horrid and scary so instead I sprinkled pink sparkly sprinkles on them and tied cute ribbon with little baby fit on the sticks.

The Mrs. Potts ones just make me giggle, they were so horrid to make and took us like three hours and they look so silly :) But everyone loved them and thought they looked great. I took square floral foam holders and covered them in scrapbook paper, ribbon and tissue paper, they turned out so cute.

Each table had a different teapot with floral arrangements, I made little cards that listed each type of tea and color coded the tea bags. This went over really well, especially all of the different teapots and saucers.

This photo is one of my favorites, she got TWO cribs and was so shocked. She does not need two cribs so she is excited to take one back and get more cool stuff :)

My little peanut and I, she was excited we both got to wear flowers in our hair :)

The blanket I gave Mindy, one of my favorites. I adore this yarn and the heart pattern throughout is just lovely :)

The beautiful little momma and her diaper cake. I love this cake, the flowers reminded me of the colors from her wedding so I couldn't resist.

Now the planning is really beginning for Missy's shower, I'm having a lot of fun with all of this and I love my little twin sisters and seeing the joy doing this for them brings just makes my heart soar.