Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missy & Ed's Wedding Weekind

This weekend was such a blast, we had so much fun at Missy and Ed's wedding!!!!

They are now "officially" married :) It did rain for the ceremony, but it was beautiful. It brought back flashbacks to our wedding day :) The wedding party was so much fun, the groomsmen were awesome and we all got along well!

Congratulations to Missy and Ed, what a perfect day and what a fun reception. I know you waited a long time for this day and I hope it met all of your expectations!

The most emotional part for me was the ceremony and when Missy danced with dad to Billy Joel's "Goodnight My Angel". It was the most beautiful father/daughter dance I've witnessed, Missy has come so far from her battle with breast cancer to being thousands of miles from Ed....

No one deserves a happier ending than these two.....I love you both so much.

A few photos from the wonderful day :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Grown Up...

So yesterday Bella spent a lot of her day in the 3 year old room, she will officially move there next month. Patience let me know that Bella is completely ready BUT there are no binkies allowed in the 3 room....

On the way home Bella and I discussed this and we decided that it is time for Bella to be a big girl and give her binkies to the "Binkie Fairy". After dinner Bella rounded up her binkies, told me she is a big girl now, and said bye bye binkies! We made it through the night :) She even reminded me this morning that she is a big girl and won't need her binkie at school!

I've also been having Bella wear her underwear when we get home from school. Last night was her best night yet, she did not have a single accident! She even went to the potty by herself while I was making dinner :) She does still wear a diaper at school and to sleep, but we're getting somewhere finally!!

I really feel that my baby girl totally transformed and grew up all in one day yesterday. The final "babyness" in her is pretty much gone, besides her small size ;)

I am so thankful for my little princess, I will miss the baby days, but I am so looking forward to fun times with my "big girl" :) I am so thankful for her sweet, appreciative, loving, affectionate, silly personality.....

Bells is one of a kind.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Away Pooch....By Friday Please....

So laziness overtook me yet again, I tried on my bridesmaid dress last night, it's so beautiful :) It fits me perfectly, BUT my little mommy pooch came back and it's visible in the dress. Kyle says it's not, but to me it is....

So I will be running tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday plus eating well this entire week....

Why do I do this to myself???? I work so hard to be fit then like 2 weeks before I have an event I don't work out and I eat CRAP.

Or why the hell don't I just always work out, get rid of the damn pooch for good and not give it an opportunity to come back!!!!! DUH you freaking idiot!!!!!

It's a hate on myself day today.....I can't wait for today to be over!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Little Star

She is so creative and amazing, we just LOVE her so much :)