Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bella Just Dance

Bella playing her favorite Wii game, Just Dance :)  You can't really hear the music but she is dancing to Dynamite.  We play this game every night, we have so much fun!  She starts her hip hop dance class tomorrow night and is super excited :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bella's Dance Recital Rehearsal

Here is the video of Bella's recital rehearsal, she is the very first dancer in back row marching out.

For the rehearsal she was a bit confused but at the recital she totally killed it :)  At the rehearsal all the lights are on and she can see everyone in the audience, at the recital she can't see anyone in the audience because the only lights on are on the stage.  I think that makes a difference for her, she still did good and looks so darn cute!

She starts her summer hip hop class next Thursday, she is super excited!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 Years!

I adore this photo of Kyle and I on our wedding day, it has been 9 years already!!!  We look so young and happy, I love it.

To say we've been through quite a bit in these 9 years is more than true.  I couldn't have imagined some of the obstacles we've had to overcome and some we are still trying to find our way through.

We've had our ups and downs like most couples, but more happiness and love than anything.  Kyle still makes my heart flutter, is my biggest supporter and helps me to try to accomplish every dream I have.

I'm so lucky to have this man by my side every day of my life, he is the most amazing daddy, husband, friend.  I love you Kyle, more than I could ever express!