Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dinosaur Hat & My Newest Model!

Meet Calvin Michael Weber, my bestie Becca and her husband Michael welcomed this little angel to the world on Friday.  He is a doll, I'm so, so in love with him.  He just wanted to snuggle with me the entire time I visited, he didn't even mind all my photo taking ;)  He better be prepared because we will be having our first official photo shoot with him in the next couple of days!

Dinosaur Hat - READY TO SHIP

Here he is, modeling a new dinosaur hat I made for my shop.  I love it, such a cute little hat, I did make one just for him that we will use in the photo shoot.  But seriously, how dang cute is this little hat??

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Girl Haircut

Our little princess wanted her hair chopped off and she got her wish :)  She was very adamant about how she wanted it cut, and David did an awesome job of course!

She LOVES her new do, when she got up this morning she went to look in the mirror and said, "yep, it's still short!"  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Deck, A Dog And Tomatoes!

My father-in-law is redoing our deck for us, he is doing an awesome job!!!  He had to sand the old paint off and use a power washer, it has taken a while.  But here it is all ready to be primed and painted!!!  We are doing a darker brown color, I can't wait to see how it turns out :)  

Tybalt just HAS to go outside whenever anyone else does, he's a handsome model on the deck :)

Our tomato plants are HUGE, they are loving the heat and humidity!

 This is the first year for tomatoes for us and I think it will be a good one, someday I might need a bigger garden area at this house.

My sister-in-law has been asking for photos of the small changes being made to the house, I have been bad about uploading them, so this photo is an older one.  Perfect little model to show off the new hanging plants Papa put up for us :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother's Day, Recital, My Gusband and Babies!

Quick catch up on the Griffin's, via pictures :)  I'm doing great posting on my Beauty Journey blog, but that is because I want to document every workout and my progression for the fitness show.  Time to start blogging about more than just that again though :)

My amazing mom and I on Mother's Day, we had a lovely picnic with family at Bever Park and visited Old MacDonald's Farm.  I know I had more pictures from this fabulous day, one of Bella and myself but at this time I can't find them!  Love this photo though :)

Our beautiful little dancer, she did AMAZING at her recital, totally rocked it!!!!  I have video from her rehearsal night, she was a bit off that night, I will post that soon!

I love this photo of Bella and Lyla :)

I was lucky to spend an afternoon/evening with my awesome "gusband" David at his grandparents farm.  Horseback riding, baby cow feeding, calm and quiet, it was my kind of a relaxing day! :)

David and his sweet baby Woneya

Seriously, it was like heaven for me!

Sweet Lyla, showing off her huge smile.

Evey showing off her squishy face smile.

Love my itty bitty baby girl nieces and can't stop taking photos of them, they are the sweetest most beautiful little ladies!!!! :)