Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I can't believe it, Bella started Kindergarten yesterday.  I took the day off so Kyle and I could both take her on her first day, then they only had a half day and I wanted to be able to pick her up and have a fun afternoon.

She did good when we got there, picked out her lunch choice (they have four choices every day and each student picks what they want first thing in the morning), then it was time to join the morning circle and for mom and dad to leave.  She got a little sad and didn't want us to go as she stared at the circle of new faces wondering where to sit.  She chose to sit towards the back and promised us she would be brave.

It took everything in me to hold in the tears until we got outside.  What a feeling, leaving her with all those new kids, a new teacher, a new environment and knowing she was a little scared.  But she made it through and had a great day.

How strange, our life has changed once again, as many parents lives have, we now have a school age child and there will be many school events to look forward to.

I still can't believe how fast the past few years have gone by, so proud of our little princess and hopeful that we are raising her to be a strong, sweet, caring, independent person.