Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've been horrible about updating our blog, I really need to try to do better.

Life is moving forward, Bella is growing she had her Kindergarten check up and she is in the 16th percentile for height!  She grew 2 1/2 inches and gained six pounds, still in the 6th percentile for weight but that is the biggest growth spurt she has had :)  Bella was very chatty with our doctor, we found out at this appointment that Bella had bronchitis and she was very interested in what kind of medication Dr. Beck was putting her on.

We had a "bad parent" feeling type of moment because Bella had been coughing for about a week, I knew her check up was coming up and she had no fever so I didn't take her in, then to find out she has bronchitis, oops.  She is her normal, fun, crazy self just with a kind of wicked cough here and there.

My nieces Evey and Lyla both turn one this month!  We've already had Evey's birthday party and are looking forward to Lyla's this weekend.  The annual Schmitz Pepper Tournament was this month as well, I didn't win the coveted pepper shaker trophy, dang it!  Casey (Mindy's husband) won I believe his fourth title.

So lots of family time this month, changes to the house.  Not necessarily big changes you can see but I now have a huge storage area above the garage thanks to my amazing father-in-law.  He decided to cut a hole in the ceiling of the garage to see if anything was up there, well whoever built the garage had a bunch of extra insulation, window frames, quite a bit of stuff up there and they just built around it with no entry.  So we now have an entry door and he even put a light in there for us :)  He also built some storage shelves that are on the ceiling of the garage, I'm truly getting spoiled, seriously spoiled.

Now for some fun, pictures!  I had taken Bella's six year photos a few weeks ago and Sunday it turned out to be about 72 degrees and sunny so I took her and Tybalt out to my parents' house for a photo shoot in the pasture.  I got a few amazing shots, LOVE them and can't wait to make a few canvas prints.  Tybalt was such a good boy, his age is really showing, he is nearly completely gray through his muzzle.  

Bella loves the owl hat I made for her :)

Sweet cousin kisses!

Evey and Lyla playing at Evey's party.

The birthday girl enjoying her cake :)

 The rest are of my Bella and Tybalt, such a bond between a girl and her dog, I love them both more than I could ever truly express.