Friday, July 27, 2012

My Baby Brother is 30!!!!

That's my little brother Larry or "Bud" as we call him :)  I found the banner idea on Pinterest (my new addiction that could be an entire post in itself:) ).

The birthday cake, thanks to my sister Jenn for helping me with this.  The planned idea was a flop, I ruined two cakes in bundt pans, I've learned I do not get along well with bundt pans ;)

Ahahahahahaha, I know him too well, he was THRILLED with this gift from us and he even wore it the following Sunday at volleyball!

Isn't she just the CUTEST?!?

Mmmmmmm, Rumchata shots with my gusband and Bud, we love you David.

Me and my hubby :)

A birthday celebration for Bud wouldn't be right without volleyball :)  Maybe Ed and I were having an impromptu dance off???

Just have to do the running pose again!

Kisses :)

The boys, love this photo!

Our cousins Ronnie and Courtney and their two little girls were here visiting from Virginia, it was wonderful having them here to celebrate with us :)  I'll have more fun photos of our girls enjoying their time together soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Shorties and the cutest model...

So excited to finally have these listed in my Etsy shop :) Bella LOVES them, and she is just the cutest showing them off!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

3rd & 4th of July!

So every year on the 3rd of July there are fireworks in Newhall and also at Ellis Park, so we switch off each year where we go.  This year we went to Newhall and had a great time, the fireworks were pretty good and Bella had so much fun!  She had to show off her new beautiful headband that Auntie Nora sent for her :)

After the fireworks we did sparklers, Bella chose to not do them this year she is still a little afraid of them.  I also had a few little things I had gotten in Missouri a couple of years ago.  So my dad was ok with setting them off, I thought the one cool one I had just spun in circles while shooting off colored sparks.  Well it was cool to watch it shoot off sparks and not so cool as it took flight!  Oops, I should have read it better as it did say it would shoot into the air.

I was shocked and am sure the heart monitor had to have recorded a high reading at that moment as it flew through the tree in my parent's front yard with my dad and Kyle chasing it, my father-in-law laughing and the kids thought it was AWESOME! ;)  Thankfully we didn't start anything on fire and recovered it.

I woke up Wednesday feeling like crap for the 4th of July :(  My right foot was totally swollen and I was bitten by some crazy bug, seriously the bug bite is HUGE.  I did make it out to our little pool with Bella for a while, ate some lunch and crashed for the rest of the day.  I felt like I had taken about 4-5 muscle relaxers!  

Today my foot is still really swollen and the bug bite has a bit red ring around, still feel kind of drugged up so I'm going to see my doctor.  I'll probably get an antibiotic just to be safe, she sounded like that would be the plan when I called this morning, we don't want the toxin in my blood going into my heart obviously.

I'm so ready for a time frame of feeling well, I really, really am.  At least I have my amazing family to take care of me and Bella ready to tuck me in and snuggle with me :)