Thursday, January 28, 2010


Time for some Kyle back talk.

Today Kyle met with a new neurosurgeon, he has only been in our area for a couple of months. Kyle's therapist (that Kyle has been seeing for about five months) referred him to this new guy because Kyle's old doctor wouldn't really look into his issues any further. The old doctor kept telling Kyle that it is all in his muscles, they need to be retrained with therapy and meds, blah, blah, blah.

We found out today that Kyle has a herniated disc right above the fusion in his back. Not only does he have that one but they think there may be more. He is having two MRIs tomorrow morning and we should know on Monday how many and how bad they are.

There are two options, one (if the discs aren't too badly herniated) is injections. Kyle told me what they are, but damn if I can remember what they are called! If they are really bad then he has to have a 2nd fusion in his back.

So we're happy to know that there truly is a major issue. Just for the fact that Kyle is not going crazy, there really is this horrible pain that therapy and meds just aren't helping. Also for the fact that I'm not wondering if he is crazy and the pain is in his head. I just couldn't understand why all the crap he is doing just doesn't seem to be helping him.

I'm not looking forward to finding out just how bad things are, this neurosurgeon just can't believe how bad Kyle's back is for his age, that's never a good sign :( A second fusion would help, but it can also make his back weaker, it's kind of lose/lose situation, my poor Kyle.

We also found out that his interview for the Manager position is on Monday, so Monday will be a big day for the Griffins!

Our Morning Moment

My beautiful daughter may push my buttons a lot but we do have wonderful mornings together.

I take Bella to school and pick her up every day. On the way to school we have little talks, like how the clouds are hiding the sun, why we have to go over bumps every day, and we look for the moon every morning.

Once we get to school Bella is really in a good mood and ready for her friends. But the most important thing to her is our special goodbye.

Bella gets a little stool and puts it right against the door to her classroom. I stand outside and she waves at me through the little window, then we blow kisses, catch them and say "I got it!"

She really thinks it's just the best thing, and so do I. I LOVE starting my weekday mornings with a special moment with my Bella. I will savor these mornings for as long as they last.

I wonder if she'll let me drive her to highschool and blow kisses from the car window ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sweetness of a 3 Year Old

So yesterday Kyle had an interview for a Manager position in Dubuque, an hour commute but he would get a car from Enterprise. He really worked hard on his presentation for his interview, seriously like 10 hours on Tuesday. It was between himself and a Manager from a different Cedar Rapids branch. Kyle is an Assistant Manager and his scores are high enough to qualify him to interview for Manager.

Anyway he had a two hour interview and he felt that he killed it.

Kyle didn't get the job. Based on experience the Manager got the position. But now there is a position open in Cedar Rapids that he will interview for, we're keeping our fingers crossed :)

Kyle was bummed because he's competitive and he really worked hard and interviewed well. I told Bella right before he came home that she will need to cheer up daddy because he had a bad day at work.

Bella LOVES her daddy, he is her hero, her buddy, she is just crazy about him. They have the best relationship and she will do anything for her daddy...

Kyle comes in the door...

Bella: "Oh daddy, I love you (hugs, kisses), I sorry you had a bad day."

Daddy: "It's ok sweetie, it wasn't a bad day, just a rough day."

Bella: "Ok daddy, but I cheer you up so now you be happy."

Daddy: "Ok Bella, you are just the best."

Mommy....I'm gonna cry seeing this sweetness pour from my daughter who throws all the sass at me. But it melts me almost every day to see their special relationship.

Monday, January 25, 2010

3 or 13??

I think 3 is the new 13...

Here are a few things my baby girl now says to me...

Mommy: "Bella it is naughty to not take a nap at school."
Bella: "You can't talk to me like that mommy."

Bella: "But, but, but mommy, I don't want to take a bath!"
Mommy: "Bella you NEED to take a bath, mommy is getting upset."
Bella: "Mommy, you hurt my feelings and you can't do that."

Seriously, she argues with me a LOT, I know she is just testing her limits, but really some of the things she says just makes it unbelievable to me that she is only three!!!

What the heck will she be saying to me at age 13????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun In A Cute Dress..

So I found a dress for the holiday party and I LOVED it!! There was one other dress that we almost got, but in my opinion it was too sexy, seriously. Skin tight and a deep v-neck.

Anyway this dress was super comfy and unlike any other dress I have :) We had a lot of fun shopping for it. Kyle had to stand outside of the dressing room holding a pile of dresses because I had too many to take in at once, I took FULL advantage of him shopping with me ;)

We got some cute photos:

The party was a blast, lots of dancing, drinking and just having fun :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too Sexy...

That is me!

So we have the Enterprise Holiday Party this weekend at a hotel in Iowa City. Their events are usually very dress, like tux and gown type stuff. This year they are stepping it down a bit and guys are wearing suits and women, cocktail dresses.

Cocktail me that means something dark and sexy. I found the "perfect" dress at for $15!!! I immediately ordered it and gloated to Kyle about my find. So it came in, I tried it on and it fit me PERFECTLY!!!

I had it on when Kyle came home, he said, "interesting". Not what I expected, but I didn't get into what his comment actually meant. Here's the dress, on a hanger so honestly not the best shot for this dress, it does not do it justice.

It's just so damn fun, and comfy!! I mean so yes it's a sparkly, sequin, tube dress that fits great. Yes I have an ass, at least it's nice, yes I have biggish boobs, they are nice, yes I have muscly legs, they annoy me. Anyway, Kyle told me tonight that he thinks it's too sexy.

So now there is NO WAY I can wear this damn dress, it will forever hang in my closet without any place to be worn :( I have a dress that is my go to funeral dress and Kyle approves of that. It's a super cute dress, but seriously I've worn it to two funerals, it's so not a party dress.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

So we took Bella her very first movie on Sunday, we went to The Princess and the Frog. It was SOOOOOOOO good!! :) Bella LOVED going to the theatre, she did very well. She's just like her mommy and gets totally engrossed in movies. The only problem we had was when it was time to leave, she did NOT want to leave. She wanted to watch Mickey Mouse on the big screen next, it was hard explaining to her why we couldn't. A little bribe with chocolate always works with Bells though, we made it out of the theater without a huge fit :)

I'm thinking this is going to be one of my favorite Disney movies! Like I said, I get totally engrossed in movies, seriously ask anyone that has gone to a movie with me. I actually cried at this movie, seriously I cried in the theater at a Disney movie! I thought I had hidden it well until we got in the car and Kyle mentioned that he saw my tears ;)

Great first movie experience with Bells, I can't wait for more to come :)