Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kyle Update

Kyle had his check up on Wednesday and it went really well, I was MIA (more on that to follow) so drugged up Kyle had to go alone. Dr. Seegal said everything is coming along perfectly, the immense pain Kyle is experiencing is normal and so is the swelling. Hopefully Kyle will be getting some sort of steroid shot in his right side to help numb up the pain from the surgery for a couple of months so he can get back to work.

No work for him this week and just a couple of hours a day next week. I must selfishly admit that I LOVE having him home like this, just wish it could be without the constant pain. His drugs are great though and he's kind of funny this drugged up ;) The best news is that he will have no limits once he's healed, we've got big plans like starting running together and of course getting heavily into my weight training. He is just beyond excited now and I can't wait for our lifestyle to finally be much more active again. I may even try taking up golf, don't tell him I said that though. My last experience consisted of me throwing my club at a tree and walking off the course. It's a frustrating sport to me, but maybe with the right teacher I can start to enjoy it ;)

As for my absence from Kyle's appointment I had a bad syncope spell. It started at work and my mom had to come pick me up since I couldn't drive, take Kyle to his appointment and the two of them plotted against me for my mom to take me to the ER while Kyle was at his appointment. I so did not want to go, but my mom was too worried. They couldn't do much for me, so now my mom knows that for real doctors can't really get me through a spell, good for her to know now :) So my amazing parents picked up our princess and had her for the night so Kyle and I could rest. It was so sad that the two of us were down for the count for the night, Tybalt was very concerned and a great doggie doctor for us :)

I'm feeling better thankfully and now know that severe stomach cramps are a sign of a bad spell coming on (my cardiologist never shared that with me). I'd had them for a few days before it happened, time to take better care of myself and make sure I'm drinking enough water. I've just gotten so caught up the past few months with constant issues surrounding me but hopefully things are truly turning around now and we can move forward positively!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bella Chats

Bella: Mommy what are those? (She is pointing at my boob.)
Mommy: They are boobs Bella.
Bella: Boys don't have boobs mommy.
Mommy: Boys have boobs Bells, they are just smaller than girls'.
Bella giggles.
Mommy: Bella we don't point at boobs or try to touch them, they are private for girls.
Bella: But I like boobs!

I couldn't contain my laughter at that one :)

This moment she is taking a bath.

Bella: I see two mommy's! (While she is just looking at me from the tub.)
Mommy: WHAT??
Bella: When I look at my nose with my eyes like this (she crosses her eyes) I see two mommy's!
Mommy: (Trying to hold in my laughter.) Bella its not good to do that with your eyes.
Bella: My mommy's are pretty.

She just melts me and makes me laugh :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Etsy Shop

I've added some new items to my shop, these little hats are super cute and I'm loving making them :)

Finally Home

Kyle finally got to go home yesterday, he has TONS of pain meds to help him relax :) We are so happy because the constant back pain is gone and his legs aren't falling asleep with him laying on his left side constantly. It seems that the surgery really did work, his surgeon was thrilled with the results. He said once they got in there he found more than just the herniated disc and got everything cleaned up, Kyle should be good to go :)

It was a tough time in the hospital, due to Kyle's high tolerance for pain meds it took them nearly 24 hours to get him below level 10 with his pain. I hated seeing him go through that, but I know it will be well worth it.

Bella is a little nervous still and scared for her daddy, but she knows he will get better. Tybalt is just plain happy to have everyone home again, he was so worried. When I would go home to visit him he would just lay by me and cry, it was so sad :(

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks and Kyle having a great recovery.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


That's me...

So anxious for Kyle's surgery on Friday, especially after our appointment today and discussing it. 3 1/2 hours for the surgery, surgeon comes out to talk to me afterwards of course, I'm sure I'll be crying or freaking out. I wish I could say I'll do well but I've fallen apart at the seams in the past couple of months. Thankfully my mom can be there with me, I'm so sad Kyle's mom can't make it, I need my Oregon mom right now :( Damn the high cost of flying between Portland, OR and Cedar Rapids, IA!!!!

Last night with my Edge tonight too, not even close to the same level as Kyle's surgery, but I'm not gonna lie I'm so sad to have to give it up at this point. Oh well, things will go our way in the future, I just know it. I get to take a drive with David tonight, my other hubby for those who aren't sure whom I'm talking about, no worries though he's gay and no threat to Kyle, plus Kyle is ok with our relationship ;) We get the Impala back from him, with the cracked windshield, non working automatic door locks and all. I'm so crazy emotional right now I'll probably cry at the Ford dealership when I give them my "Buttercup" back, I really should stop naming my cars it's easier to give them up then, right? ;)

Pray for my Kyle that he has a good surgery with no complications, please send happy thoughts our way on Friday!