Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Art

I finally got my birthday tattoo :) A lily flower representing my family with fallen petals for my grandparents that have passed, their initials are in the petals. I decided to get this one on my right side. Our artist, Jason Evans at Neon Dragon, is phenomenal, no joke! He free handed this piece and it only took him two hours with one break.

Zach and Carley were there with me the entire time, I think Carley may be rethinking getting a tattoo on her side once she is old enough ;) This was by far the most painful tattoo I have gotten, honestly my other ones didn't really hurt at all. I can fake it though, Jason was shocked when I mentioned how painful it was because I didn't flinch at all during it, I'm good at hiding pain.

Here is my beautiful piece of art, one of the most beautiful tattoos I've ever seen :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We get to experience a lot of "big" high school events having Zach with us this year. This past weekend he had his senior prom, it was an exciting event :) He was unhappy with the "cream" shoes that came with his white tux so he just had to get some blue and white Nike's instead, some blue sunglasses, blue earrings, a sweet new white watch, he was totally stylin ;)

The day was sadly rainy and chilly so we did pictures at the Marriott. His date, Carley, looked amazing in her royal blue dress. She is just the sweetest girl and they looked so darn cute together :)

It brought back quite a few memories, it really wasn't that long ago that I got to go to my senior prom :) I must say the kids are just as goofy and fun as we were, I'm thankful Zach has such a good group of friends! I'm just so happy Zach was able to have a really good time and truly enjoy his senior prom :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's GONE....

My hair that is :) After going back and forth, back and forth, I finally let David chop it off! I LOVE it, as I always do when it is super short, but I think I may have to keep the style around more permanently this time :)

I love that you can see David in the mirror :)

Ta-da! I'm soooooooo happy with it!

Soccer Time!

Our nephew Zach is currently playing soccer for his high school. The team is doing very well with a record of 9-1! He is a co-captain and nearly had his first goal this past Monday, one of the best kicks ever and it hit the top of the t-bar!!! We LOVE going to his games, sadly the weather has been crappy for nearly all of them but they are still fun :) While my father-in-law was out here he enjoyed going to a couple of games with us.

We love this kid so much and are truly enjoying having him with us in our home. He turns 18 in just two days and graduates from high school in 22 days, CRAZY!!!!

Looking serious, get it Zach!

The supportive girls (they really just love to run around and play behind the bleachers :))

Brrrrrr, a cold night! I love this photo of Bells with her daddy and papas :)

My first good action shot, I love it!

My 30th

My 30th birthday party was a BLAST. My big surprise was my wonderful father-in-law visited from Oregon. I know he had a really good time out here with us, he is even planning to move here! He enjoyed going out with us and my crazy family and friends :) My other big surprise was the surprise visit from my crazy cousins Stacy and Angie, they lied and told me they couldn't make it down from Wisconsin, man I LOVE those two!

My wonderful dad and I :)

David (DJ), my gusband who spoiled me by buying us tickets to go see the Broadway show of Young Frankenstein, woo hoo!!!! :)

A great photo of us with my father-in-law :)

The Ya-Ya's!!! We will be reunited for good soon as Stacy and Angie are both moving back to Iowa in a month, woo hoo!!!!

This amazing man is the love of my life and gave me the best birthday celebration ever!!! I love you to pieces Kyle, you mean the world to me, I wouldn't have made it through the past year without you. We have a lot more ahead of us but I know with you by my side I can make it through anything :)