Monday, April 26, 2010

End of a World...

It seems that way to me. Missy and Mindy (my "baby" twin sisters) are huge readers and movie buffs. They love it all, and always recommend great books and movies to me.

Over a year ago they were raving about Terry Brooks, an author from the Northwest. He is a fantasy writer, I was into the movies but not sure how I would feel about reading this stuff.

From the first chapter of "The Sword of Shannara" I was HOOKED. I can't even call this a series, it's a world of it's own. Each book is about 300-700 pages, there are 17 books (I thought it was more) but still I'm on the last book after a year of reading.

I may have a breakdown when I'm done which will be either tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you Terry Brooks, seriously such an amazing author. I can look forward to starting another series I guess, I think I need to read the Twilight books again :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Bella went into her room and told me she got her "workout" headband on:

She is sooooooo silly, I swear I don't wear my headbands this way ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Love them, Bella picked these for the kitchen..--

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello 29...

I hit 2-9 yesterday, it was a great birthday :) I'm ready to head into my 30's next year, hopefully this final year of my 20's will be exceptional!

My day started off with cartoons in bed with my beautiful Bella and wonderful Kyle :) Kyle surprised me by getting me a Bob Marley tank top I had my eye on and then really surprised me with a gift certificate to Neon Dragon, the tattoo parlor we LOVE.

We had decided Kyle is not getting his large tattoo because we are going to Oregon this summer and just can't afford both. So I felt guilty and told him I didn't need a tattoo for my birthday. But he knew I really, really wanted to get my tattoo in honor of Missy and her battle with breast cancer. So he's already talked to the artist Jason and I will definately be getting a breast cancer ribbon with Missy initials in it :)

Then we headed to Des Moines for the 70s/80s pub crawl my brother John and his friend Jason were throwing. It was a BLAST!!! What a great day for my 29th birthday :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

EP1 to EP2

So yesterday I get to LaPetite to pick up Bella and her folder isn't in the normal spot and her cubby is gone...

Miss Karen (her EP1 (early preschool 1) teacher) let me know that Bella is doing so well they moved her to EP2! She has new teachers, Miss Jamie and Miss Shelby (Bella LOVES them both) and is in a different room.

Then reality sets Bella is in her final step before preschool! How did this happen, how did it come along so quickly??? Changes are happening so fast I feel as though I can't keep up.

These moments are starting to pass by too fast, I only get to have them once. I will admit I had a moment of, why don't we have another baby? I seriously have 7 friends that have recently had their sweet little babies, it gives me a little desire to have another when I see all their photos. But again reality slaps me in the face and reminds me that we are in no position to have another baby and reminds me how hard the newborn/baby stage was for Kyle and I. Yes every child is different but the experience with Bella certainly didn't leave us anxious to have a second child since in all actuality we could have another similar experience.

I'm trying so hard to engrave these moments in my memory, which is horrible, my memory that is. I don't remember a lot of things from high school anymore, how sad is that??

I'm so glad I take five million photos of Bella constantly and I really need to get good again about printing them off and sticking them in albums immediately and someday I would love to get back into scrapbooking some of those photos.

I don't think I could possibly cherish my time with Bella anymore than I already do, but maybe somehow I can. I'm so proud of the little girl she has grown to be but I do miss the "babyness" of her.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Didn't find the appendix...

First off Easter fun photos will be up soon...

So on Sunday Bella was complaining that her "waist" hurt. Kyle and I figured it was probably gas and continued our hussle to get things ready to head out to Newhall for the day. Bella acted fine out there and had a blast, played like crazy with her cousins and was just her happy go lucky self.

At about 3am Monday morning she woke up and was in terrible pain, I brought her into our bed and enjoyed being kicked in the head until it was time to get up for work. Bella was NOT feeling like going to school and her tummy was really bothering her.

So Kyle stayed home with the peanut and took her to our doctor. They thought maybe it was appendicitis or a bladder infection. WHAT?!? How could I have thought her pain was just gas, bring on the major mommy guilt feeling!! I know I really couldn't have known, but still, I pushed her to get ready on Sunday and get out to Newhall for Easter believing it was nothing. Bella wouldn't pee at the office so first we went to St. Luke's for an ultrasound to see her appendix. Bella peed at home and Kyle took it in.

The doctor calls Kyle and talks with him, Kyle tells me what they say when I'm at work but of course tells me the whole story once I get home. Bella is dehydrated, what!?! This girl LOVES her water, seriously loves it. Then Kyle shares with me that the doctor's office said she doesn't have appendicitis, they never saw her appendix on the ultrasound photos, but still it's not appendicitis.

Um, ok, how do you not see an important organ?? Kyle doesn't ask about it of course so we are just going off what the doctor says, she is dehydrated and it is causing abdominal pain. We are pushing the fluids big time, water, a tad bit a Pedialyte, Bella HATES it so I have to really water it down for her.

If her pains aren't gone by the weekend though I'm taking her back on Monday. Kyle will be out of town this weekend for training and I'll be in Des Moines for a steward school. Bella will be in good hands with my parents and we all know they will be sure to let me know if they don't think something is right with her :)

This crap is just hard, I listen to our doctor, she is amazing I mean really, we just love her. This experience though was a bit strange and I just hope Bella gets better with increased fluids and hopefully we'll be seeing clear pee soon ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fear of bugs...

Bella is TERRIFIED of bugs, I am not kidding in any way. The other night she was in the kitchen and you would have thought she broke something or injured herself with the scream and sobbing that came out of her mouth. Kyle investigates and god forbid there is a bug on the kitchen floor! It was a tiny gnat, seriously, Bella wouldn't even walk in the kitchen Kyle had to carry her out.

Now I won't lie, I HATE bugs. But since Bella's birth I have been very concious about how I react if I find on in the house, I never freak out in front of Bella. I put on my big girl pants and kill the darn thing.

Yesterday when I picked up Bella from LaPetite Miss Shelby had a story for me. She asked if Bella is terrified of bugs, so I knew there was an incident. Bella was playing on the equipment and there were some ladybugs on the bottom, she REFUSED to climb down. She stood at the top of that equipment crying until a teacher climbed up and got her down.

OMG - I can't be having my little peanut be this terrified of bugs. So our first course of action is to have her helping me with yard work every night (yes I have crap to do every night because our backyard is seriously awful). Anyway we'll see how this all goes, Bella sounds excited about it even about getting to know the bugs that live outside :)