Monday, February 8, 2016

Tybalt 06/25/05 - 02/03/16

February 3rd was a normal day, a full day of work, picked up my beautiful girl and we headed home.  The puppy dogs were ready to play, relax and eat dinner, Kyle had to close that night.

After Tybalt ate he threw up a little bit, I of course yelled at him for a minute and he came upstairs.  He continued to try to throw up, circle the same spot to lay down only to get up and do it all over again.  I called my sister Missy because I knew something was really wrong, she advised me to take him to the ER vet because she thought he had bloat.

At this point Kyle had gotten home, I told him I was really worried but that it was probably nothing so he and Bella should stay home.  Missy didn't want me to be by myself so she called our sister Jenn and Jenn came to be with me.  Thank god Missy did that, thank god Jenn knew I shouldn't be alone.  They took Tybalt back to do an x-ray and afterwards they took us into a small room.  His stomach was twisted, surgery would be about $4,000 and they weren't sure how he would do in surgery due to his age.

I completely lost it, screaming sobs that I'm sure were heard through the entire building.  How could this be happening???  He was fine four hours ago and now I knew we would have to say goodbye.

Jenn called Kyle so he Bella, Randy and Hurley could all come be with us.  I can't even describe how difficult it all was.  Bella didn't fully understand until she was there and I explained that the doctor would give Tybalt some medicine and he would simply go to sleep and cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  She lost it, screaming and crying, it was incredibly hard to see her go through the realization of saying goodbye to Tybalt.

We got to spend as much time with him as we needed, he was pretty drugged up but still a happy boy.  Hurley kept licking him and nuzzling him.  I didn't really know how to say goodbye.  He had been by our side for 10.5 years, our best friend, our protector, our sweet big boy.  As the doctor gave him the shot I repeated over and over how much I love him, how much I would miss him and that someday we would be together again.  Then he was gone, he looked like he was just sleeping peacefully.

Leaving him was incredibly difficult.  Our home doesn't seem the same anymore and of course it's not, we are adjusting to a new "normal" and it has been so hard for all of us.  Hurley hasn't eaten in two days, he has been playful sometimes and we were able to take a walk yesterday but he is just so sad.

Tybalt will be remembered forever though the hundreds of pictures we have to the ashes we will wear and the memories we have.  I will never forget him, he was truly one of kind our gentle giant.  Heaven is lucky to have gained such an awesome angel and we've got him watching over us every day, waiting until the day when he will show us the way.

I love you Tybalt, my bubba.