Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Time, Missing Teeth, Moving Forward

Life continues to be ever changing, multiple obstacles thrown our way, my health becoming more of an issue, but somehow we are moving forward.

Our little Bella has lost TWO teeth this month, I can't believe it, she is growing up far too fast!  I'm so proud of our little girl, she pulled both of them herself, yes they were extremely loose and just ready to fall out but still she pulled them out :)  She is in awe of how sneaky the tooth fairy is, she tried to stay up for her but couldn't do it.

She lost her second tooth on Christmas Eve at our house, we always spend Christmas Eve night at my parent's house.  We took the tooth with us and Bella was so excited that the tooth fairy managed to find her and the tooth at Grandma and Grandpas house :)

Christmas was pretty wonderful, besides my fainting spell on Christmas Eve (the fourth one in a week).  We had a great time with my siblings and their families and my parents of course.  We played Pepper, ate way too many sweets, opened so many gifts and played our annual Christmas Eve game of Risk, I got fourth this year.  I was kind of sad but then again happy because I got to go to bed at 2:30 am while the rest had to stay up to finish the game :)

Bella and Evey Belle, they are so close, love watching their amazing cousin bond growing.

This is our beautiful "snow lady" as my sister Mindy calls her.  We didn't get out for the wet, heavy snow it was powder by the time we got out, but with Kyle and my father-in-laws help we got one made :)

My little princess showing her missing two front teeth! 

Bella was so excited to get a lot of Barbie house furniture from my parents for Christmas....

She was even more excited when she opened gifts at home and got her new Barbie house!  She really couldn't believe it :)  My father-in-law built it out of an old bookshelf we had and I decorated it.  We'll add some other stuff to the walls eventually, but it is a pretty awesome Barbie house :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a very happy New Year.  We are hoping and praying for a good 2013, the past few years have been quite a struggle.  I'm ready for a good year, less stress, a good job for my husband hopefully, better health for me (the less stress would help with that greatly as it seems to be the cause of my continual fainting spells), continued good health for Bella along with Bella continuing to love school as much as she does :)

Bella is the light of our lives, without her I'm not sure how we could get through half of what we've gone through.  Her smile, hugs, kisses, sweet disposition and even her sassiness get us through a lot, we are so blessed to have her!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome Princess Luna!

Our family is definitely a family full of love for animals.  When our kitty Otis passed away suddenly we were all heartbroken, especially Bella.  Ever since nearly daily she has spoken of him, talking about how he is in heaven but always in our hearts.  Her biggest wish for Christmas this year was a kitty.

Kyle and I had many discussion about our options.  This year has been rough for us, emotionally, financially, we knew it would be a tough Christmas.  We didn't want a kitten, we wanted a cat that had already been spayed/neutered and up to date on its shots.  Also Bella would be afraid of a kitten, I know that sounds weird, but kittens go through crazy phases and that's just not for Bella at this time.  She acts brave, but really we were wanting to find a grown cat that would be lovey and cuddly.

Once I got the final OK from Kyle I started hunting around for anyone trying to find a home for their cat.  I came into work talking about it and Jonnie (my office manager) said, "Hey!  I have the perfect cat for you, oh my god, I can't believe I hadn't thought of her!"  Jonnie went on to tell me that down in Missouri one of her friends had a beautiful white cat wander onto their farm about a year ago.  They took her in, nursed her to health, had her spayed and all shots done.  Jonnie told me she was perfect for Bella, pure white with blue eyes.  

Now I thought, this has to be too good to be true.  Bella received a Furreal kitty that is all white with blue eyes for her birthday from her Aunt Jenny, and we could really get a cat that looks just like her!?!

Sunday afternoon Jonnie brought the cat home with her and I met her to get her picked up.  I about died when I saw her, she was even more beautiful than I imagined, she was so sweet just purring and snuggling.

When we got home I put her in our bedroom and we had a gift wrapped for Bella with a cat collar and cat toy.  Bella was confused at first and then I went to get the cat, Bella was SHOCKED and so, so appreciative and over the moon happy.  We have video but I can't get it uploaded on here for some reason.  When the cat came out of the crate she went right to Bella and was rubbing on her and purring :)

Bella decided to name her Princess Luna, and is she ever a princess!  We gave her a bath the first night, she was so good.  She is so soft, fluffy and beautifully white!  She truly walks around the house like a little princess and is ready to give everyone some love, besides Tybalt.

Luna will take a while to get used to Tybalt as he just wanders around the house hunting for her because he wants to "play".  Luna will figure out she is faster than him soon and I'm sure then she will enjoy teasing the crap out of Tybalt :)

Welcome to our home Princess Luna, we already love you so much and you are the perfect kitty princess for our little princess Bella :)