Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Grade!

I can't believe summer is over already, it feels like it was barely here!  Bella was very excited for school to be starting, I'm so happy she enjoys school so much :)

This year Bella is in first grade.  She was so excited to go to open house and see who was in her class, sadly one of her best friends is not in her class this year but at least they can have recess together :)

Bella enjoyed her first day, although she said they didn't do much and there was no homework.  I should have recorded that, someday she will not be wanting there to be homework ;)  She was so proud to tell us that when she went through the lunch line she did such a good job getting her pineapple that a teacher told her she could help teach the Kindergartners how to go through the lunch line :)

Bella has a wonderful teacher, she is new to the district and we just really, really liked her immediately.  I think this will be a really fun year for Bella!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hiking in Palisades

I have been HORRIBLE at posting on this blog lately!  I can't believe summer is nearly over, Bella starts school a week from tomorrow.  She is so ready for 1st grade :)

We got all of her school supplies this weekend, she picked out a sweet Barbie backpack.  We got her some new clothes, she really grew over the summer and she was super excited because she finally hit 40 pounds :)  She got a lot taller too and is officially in girls size jeans, size 5 super skinny, that was a big deal for her.

We had the best shopping trip, first we hit a couple of stores for clothes then stopped for a treat at Starbucks.  Even though I'm not supposed to eat certain items right now due to my training I may or may not know how super delicious the toasted smores tart is there ;)  Bella said it was like heaven, she loved it so much.

Then we headed out for a hike on Sunday at Palisades.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, temperature was in the 70's there was a nice breeze, we couldn't have asked for a better day.  Our hike was just over an hour, Bella did awesome, that girl has so much energy!

Hopefully this weekend we can go on another little adventure before she starts school, she is growing up way too fast, we are enjoying every second :)