Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three....Stubborn...And Testing Herself..

So Bella is "testing" her mommy a LOT lately.

My last trip to Target with Bella went pretty much like this:

"Bella if you are a good girl you can pick out a Barbie and a donut." "Ok, mommy I promise I be good."

Part way through Target she is being an angel and has picked out her Barbie, suddenly we pass by the bath toys and she spots a Dora toy...

"MOMMY, I WANT DORA!!!" "No Bella, mommy said you could pick a Barbie, maybe if you are a good girl Santa will bring you Dora." "I WANT DORA, I WANT DORA, I WANT DORA!!!"

So time to check out! I had wrapping paper I was getting and couldn't leave it so I went through the check out with Bella screaming at the top of her lungs. Told the checker to keep the damn Barbie and we didn't even look at donuts.

Bella screamed at the top of her lungs out of Target. I could feel all those eyes on me, knowing most people were probably thinking, "why the hell can't that woman control her child?" I didn't care though. When we got to the car I had to hold her down in her carseat to buckle her in. When we pulled out of the Target parking lot she had already twisted her way out of the buckles somehow and was STANDING in her carseat. I was FUMING. Thank god we live 2 minutes from Target.

It was a day full of no cartoons, no candy and no fun for Bella after that.

YESTERDAY when I picked her up from school there was a note from her teacher: "Bella was very loud during nap time and did not take a nap, she kept getting off her cot and running around and smiling about it."

Gee, that's just great Bella. What is this girl doing or thinking?!? I know she's only 3 but I just can't believe how she has been acting lately. We've doing well though and taking things away from her and sticking to our threats. I hope she grows out of this stage soon!!!


stephaniezamora said...

oh. my.
sounds like you are doing the right thing to me :)

nlaug said...

Hang in there-you are doing the right things!!! I choose to believe that the people who won't stop staring when H acts up are really just having traumatic flashbacks to the last time their children acted up in public.

Stephanie said...

that's a great thought Nikki, I'll have to remember this because I'm sure it will happen again! :)