Thursday, July 25, 2013

Missing Two Front Teeth!

Bella's top two front teeth have been pretty loose for a while now.  She has been trying so hard to pull them out, but they just wouldn't budge.  She was getting pretty frustrated and couldn't understand why they weren't ready to come out.

When I picked her up last night from Lily Pad she was so excited to show me one of her teeth had come out!  Apparently she was playing house with one of her friends and someone her friend got her hand on Bella's tooth and when she moved her hand the tooth popped out, she was so, so happy!

Bella just had to include Luna in the picture, my two sweet darlings :)

Later that evening I noticed her other tooth looked crazy crooked, like an ugly witches tooth that sticks straight out, seriously it was kind of freaky.  So Bella decided to try to pull it out, and she got it out!  She lost not one but two teeth yesterday!  The excitement in our house was just crazy :)

This time Luna wouldn't cooperate to be in the photo but you can see her tail in the lower left corner of the photo :)  How cute is our little princess with that big gap in her teeth?? :)

The tooth fairy snuck in in the middle of the night and left Bella $1 for both of her teeth.  Bella was beyond thrilled and so excited to show us this morning.

I asked her if she heard the tooth fairy and she said, "no mommy, the tooth fairy must be very small to be able to sneak in my room, like through the window or something, and take my teeth and leave a dollar, she is so sneaky."

I love this age and the innocence, makes me feel kind of guilty when someday she will realize the tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, etc are mommy and daddy.  But hopefully we still have a few years before we hit that point! 

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