Monday, September 16, 2013

Cross Country Reunion

15 years ago I was lucky enough to be part of the cross country team that won the state title!  I ran JV so I wasn't one of the runners, I cheered on the team in an awesome bobcat mascot costume :)

I do remember that day and the feeling of intense pride as I saw some of my best friends accomplish a huge goal.  To be a part of it was so amazing, that year was the best year, it was our senior year and Benton won state title in cross country, track AND softball!

We met up in Atkins for the Bobcat Invite, so much fun to walk the course and cheer on the runners, Bella went with me and she had a blast cheering everyone on :)

When we were together it was like no time had passed, well besides most of us having our children with us, it was crazy to see all these kids running around and playing together.  The weather was perfect, it was a relaxing day and Lisa even brought along some awesome pictures, even the summer running plan that Thomae gave all us :)

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