Thursday, June 12, 2014

Missing My Grandma

On June 6th my sweet Grandma took her journey to Heaven.  I went to see her during my lunch hour and knew her time was soon.  I had been back to work for about 20 minutes and got the phone call I was dreading, she had passed away.

As I drove back to the nursing home to be with my family I was a wreck.  She was 98 years old, had been ready to pass on for years to be with my Grandpa again, she was in pain, it still didn't make it any easier.

We all stayed by her side as hospice explained what would be happening.  There happened to be a couple of gals singing for the residents and when they were done they came into my Grandma's room and sang "How Great Thou Art" for her and all of us. 

The following days are kind of a blur, going through photos for her visitation, Bella's dance recital, Kyle and I squeezing in our anniversary dinner, the visitation and funeral, it all kind of runs together.  It was a bittersweet time with so much good happening amongst the sadness. 

I know she is dancing with Grandpa again up in Heaven, both of them watching over all of us, finally together again.  

I cherish the memories I do have, my memory is so horrible I am terrified to lose them all.  My time spent with them down in Arkansas all by myself is probably my favorite, I feel fortunate to still have that memory.  Playing games, going to eat catfish at King Catfish, playing bingo, taking longs walks, exploring in the woods. 

We loved my Grandma so much, this has been a hard time for Bella, seeing her go through her grief has been tough.  Yesterday I had to pick her up from school, the second to last day but she said her tummy was upset.  When we got home she just broke down crying, telling me she really missed Great Grandma.  She is way too much like her mommy, very emotional and sometimes those emotions just take you over.  When I reminded her that we can go visit Grandma whenever we want that made her feel a little bit better.

You left such a huge mark on all of us Grandma, we miss you so much, we love you with all of our hearts.  I have some of the best guardian angels, and they will live on in our memories.

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