Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meant To Be

Life can be so full of ups and downs, some of the downs are much worse than others.  Each year Kyle and I start it off saying, "this is going to be OUR year!"  Then life happens and there are hiccups all over the place, things completely out of our control.  There are moments when each of us has wondered if we are really on the "right" path and rare moments where we just KNOW that we are on the "right" path.

There are times when you wonder how you can keep pushing forward without hitting another set back.  We know our set backs have not even come close to what others have had to deal with.  We also know that for us we've been pushed to our limits multiple times and have pulled through, together.

We have watched relationships crumble, one of the most important relationships in a persons life.  Losing someone you love and adore is so extremely difficult, I'm not talking about someone passing away.  One of the most secure relationships you have in your life as a human being, lost to something you don't and can't understand.  That is one of the toughest things to go through and even after years of trying to come to terms with your loss it still hurts like it did that first day.

Funny how such an awful situation can make you see other things more clearly and help other relationships grow in a way you never knew they could.  


The past two months have brought us to a place we have been fighting to get to.  Kyle starts his new job on Monday with Complete Nutrition, the training will be done this week.  He is beyond excited and ready for this new chapter, I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put in with his training.  Not only learning in the training process but also helping to teach others.  Kyle will spend his working days talking about health and fitness, his passion.  To hear the joy in his voice when we talk, to see that big smile and know he is genuinely happy again in his professional life makes my heart soar.  Knowing his plan to do the best he can while helping others lead a healthier lifestyle, well, this is what he is meant to do and he deserves it.

The opportunity being presented to me is another blessing, one I truly did not see coming.  I've always been a hard worker but the added drive I now have, that I guess I couldn't see before, it amazes me.  I want nothing more than to be the best ME I can be, striving to be better each and every day.  Do I have something to prove?  Yes and no.  I have to prove that I am worthy, that I am an athlete who is deserving of a sponsorship and a woman who will work her ass  off every day.  A year and a half ago I would have never dreamed to be in the position I am in right now, I am so thankful and clearly it is meant to be.

My father-in-law got offered a full-time position at his job last week and I am over the moon happy for him!  He is happy for this opportunity and it means so many good things for him.  He has been through so much, too much and to have him with us, enjoying this life together, hearing Bella be silly with him, their laughter floating through the house with Tybalt trying to join in.  Those are sounds of pure joy and love, I wouldn't trade it for anything, even though it took a very dark road to get to this place.  He is meant to be here with us.

Bella has begun her 4th year of dance, how insane, she has been dancing for four years!  The studio I chose to move her to is so incredible from their teachers to the studio to the owners, we love, love, love Dancer's Edge!  Bella has grown so much as a dancer and her love for dance grows each year.  She is thriving in school, ahead of where she needs to be and she truly loves learning.  She will begin running club next week and her excitement is through the roof that she will finally be eight next month, which means she is old enough for volleyball camp.  I know those beautiful blue eyes watch me each day as I work to be a better me, not just for myself but also for my family.  Bella watches me and cheers me on at my races, my competitions, volleyball, posing practice, she is one of my biggest supporters.  Watching her grow up and choosing to participate in activities I love and participate in myself makes my heart swell, Bella and I were meant to be.

We are surrounded by family and friends who love us, support us and encourage us.  So many who have been there through the difficulties, always reminding us that what is meant to be will be.  There were times I wanted to scream at anyone saying that to me, how could they know that?  How could some of the things that have happened be part of life's plan?

I still don't understand so many things and have realized I need to stop trying to understand.  Our little family has found our way and we will continue to work hard, play hard and love hard.  We only get one life and I am so beyond blessed to get to spend this life with a man who has the same drive and desires as me.  To be able to raise our beautiful daughter together and give her the best life possible is such an incredible blessing.

No more, "this is going to be our year", but rather this is OUR life and it is amazing.  No matter what we go through I know that we will always live a life full of love, compassion, respect and joy because we are meant to be.

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