Thursday, February 19, 2015

Loving Life!

I keep saying I will get better about posting on here and that hasn't happened yet, hopefully 2015 will be the year that I get it done! :)

We are all doing very well and happy as can be.  Our life has had some more changes, I know changes happen to everyone but they seem to happen so often to us.  I am hoping that we have had our last major change and things will just maintain from here on out!

Kyle was offered a job as the General Manager for Kosama.  We had already been in contact with the owners after doing a nutrition seminar there for Complete Nutrition and we all clicked right away.  Kyle was very happy at Complete Nutrition and the offer from Kosama came out of the blue.  After a long discussion and getting over the shock the opportunity was too good to pass up.  Kyle is finally running a gym, teaching classes, training clients, his dream job and getting paid what he is truly worth.

He never dreamed he would have this type of opportunity in Cedar Rapids, I'm glad fate proved him wrong :)  We are keeping our gym membership with Northland Fitness and now adding in workouts at Kosama as well.  I will continue to work with Complete Nutrition as a sponsored athlete and am really looking forward to my upcoming competitions!

My father-in-law is doing pretty well, he did tear his rotator cuff back in December :(  He will have surgery at the end of the month.  He is doing well with it though and I am happy we are able to have him with us.  His bond with Bella is so incredible and with Tybalt too.  Bella and Tybalt love their Papa so very much and we are blessed to have him with us.  We will all be pampering him during his recovery!

I was able to go to Florida in January with my friend Kelly to visit David and Brent.  I miss David so very much but their life in Florida is wonderful, it truly is a beautiful place.  We had a blast and it was so great to catch up.  He will be coming back to Iowa in May for my competition, so much coming up!

We just had Bella's school conferences and she is THRIVING.  She is above and beyond on everything, especially math.  Sometimes she really shocks me with how smart she is, she retains everything so well and applies it in daily life.  The best compliment was having her teacher tell us she wishes she could have more Bella's in her class :)

Dance is going very well and Bella is doing well keeping up with all three classes.  She has discussed wanting to add a fourth next year but we decided three is plenty at this time especially if she wants to add in soccer or volleyball.  Yes I said volleyball, how crazy is that?  She is eight which is the age she can begin and it is something she really wants to do, wonder where she gets that from ;)  We just had a doctor appointment and she is 4' 4" and 47 pounds.  Thankfully there is no concern for her weight, she is just so dang petite which of course makes buying pants for her one of the toughest things ever!

I'm proud of her, she knows her size does not matter and she can achieve anything.  She is a strong, intelligent, kind, loving, caring young lady, Kyle and I could truly not be any more proud of her!

Tybalt is doing well, he will be 10 on June 28th, TEN!!!!  I can't believe it, he still runs around like a puppy and wants to play all the time.  He can be trusted in the house and is no longer crated at all.  We love coming home and having him happily greet us wagging his little nub of a tail :)  Princess Luna is also doing very well, four years old and precious as ever.  She sleeps with Bella every night and is truly one of the sweetest cats I've ever been around.  She still tolerates little Evey pulling on her and picking her up, purring the entire time.

That's all for now, we are happy and healthy and thankful for all the good in our life!

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