Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Level 3 Dancer

Bella received her recommendation for dance class levels in the 2015-2016 season on Monday.  She was so, so excited that she was recommended to move to Level 3 in ALL genres.  She was at Level 2 for ballet, Level 1 for tap and Level 1/2 for hip hop.  She was so proud of herself for skipping an entire level for tap.

The joy on her face was priceless, I could see how proud she was of herself and that she was truly surprised.

I loved our drive home as she chatted away about how much she loves dance and just truly enjoys it.  She also let me know that she understands it takes hard work, lots of listening but she has to have fun too otherwise she wouldn't enjoy dance.

I asked her how she knew to work hard and have fun, she told me she learned that from me and Kyle.  She loves watching me work hard and have fun going on stage for my competitions and she knows how much Kyle helps me with training, posing and that he is really proud of me too.

I love how much she truly watches us and takes what we do to heart, putting that same effort into what she loves to do.

She got awesome reviews from her teachers and as I read them to her I swear her smile kept getting bigger and bigger.  I am so proud of our Bella, the effort she puts into working on the small details all while having a blast.  Watching her dance and improve each year brings so much joy, I am thrilled to watch her do something she loves so much.

The recital is just two months away, we can't wait to watch our little dancer perform!

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