Monday, February 13, 2017

Proud to Introduce Cinna

One year ago we said goodbye to our sweet boxer Tybalt.  Saturday was the anniversary of the day we received his ashes and paw print.  I had found a puppy that I thought Kyle would love, submitted an application that was approved and we headed to Patriots for Pets in Clear Lake, IA to meet him.

When we got to the shelter and walked in they asked who we were they to see and we said Red, the gal in charge said she was sorry but he had just been adopted.  She explained to me that on the adoption paperwork it says they do not hold puppies, I told her I knew that and wasn’t blaming her for anything but that it would have been nice for her to let me know he got adopted.  His brother got adopted that morning as well.  Kyle just walked out of the shelter in tears and I took Bella out to the car.  Kyle was just sobbing, I knew how badly he was ready for another dog and I was not giving up.  So I asked him if he wanted me to go back in and walk through to meet all of the dogs and he said yes but if they didn’t have what he was looking for then not to come get him.

I walked through with another gal and she was super sweet, I told her about Tybalt and that this was the same day we had received his ashes and paw print and that we were all overly emotional.  She completely understood and wanted us to find a match.  There were so many dogs there and there was a kennel that had six husky/lab puppy mixes and they were adorable so I kept them in mind because I thought if Kyle saw one he would love it.  As we wandered through there quite a few dogs who caught my eye.  In one kennel there was a lab/border collie mix and she was just beautiful they said another dog was in there with her but he was outside.

So I went to get Kyle and Bella, the gal had one of the husky mix puppies out for Kyle.  He got lots of puppy kisses and thought she was cute but she just wasn’t what he wanted.  As we got to the kennel with the lab/border collie mix the other dog was in there, he was a beautiful boxer mix and Kyle wanted to meet him immediately.  They put us in a hallway away from all of the dogs and brought him out to us, this was how they reacted to each other….

When I met Hurley I knew immediately that he was meant for me and when Cinna came over to me so gentle and loving with a sweet soul you could see in his eyes I just knew we would be taking him home.  The other big test was with Bella and well she fell for him instantly too.  These pictures truly express how we all were feeling at that very moment, tears of joy and relief to have found him.

Cinna was actually in a kill shelter in Oklahoma and Patriots for Pets rescued him, he was on death row.  He was at that shelter because his previous owners kept him chained up outside and apparently he had broken the chains twice and the neighbors complained so they surrendered him.  The gal that contacted Patriots for Pets was desperate for them to take him because she knew he was a good dog.  

It was an extremely emotional day and he was truly meant for us.  We talked last night about if they had called and said the puppy was gone we probably never would have met, if Kyle hadn’t walked through that second time we wouldn’t have seen him.  My heart is so full, Hurley just adores him and it’s so weird but so does our cat Milo.  Milo tolerates Hurley but he is totally different with Cinna he actually wants to CUDDLE with him.  If Cinna is by us on the couch Milo jumps right up to lay with him.  I feel like he must remind Milo of Tybalt.

Our family is complete once again, if we could afford to we would have a huge house with acres upon acres and barns so we could adopt as many animals as we could handle.  I cannot stress enough how very special and meaningful it is to adopt an animal from a shelter.  Their love and joy is unlike any other.  I am not saying our love for Tybalt, who we bought from a breeder as a puppy, was any less.  I will say the pure gratitude from both Hurley and Cinna is overwhelming and they truly are grateful to be part of our family.

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