Monday, August 27, 2007


I finally did one of my home projects and got my kitchen painted! I just wanted a splash of color, I love the darker wine theme and have been trying to stick with that.

Luckily a gal I work with had some leftover paint that was the perfect color :) It just makes the room seem a bit more comfy and cozy.

We are leaving for California this Friday

to surprise Kyle's brother for his 30th birthday. We are very excited, although a bit leary about traveling on a plane for the first time with Isabella, but she should do just fine.

We spoiled her a bit this weekend, she got a new car seat, some toys and some more clothes. It's so hard to pass up all of the cute little girl clothes :)

We're having problems with my car now too, the air conditioner is something we've been trying to fix for almost two
months now and we just keep putting money into it, so now we have to think of trading it in for something else :( If we do we'll get a truck so we don't have to constantly borrow one when we buy large things or need to move stuff. Sometimes it sucks being a grown up!

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