Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So it's been....

Almost a year since I've put anything on our blog! I'm not the best at this I guess, time flies by and I don't even realize how long it's been.

Our life has had some changes. Missy and Ed made their move to North Carolina, I miss them like crazy but it was a good move for them. Missy is doing very well and figuring out what she wants to do out there.

Isabella is growing, she is almost 21 pounds!!!! She is eating extremely well and sleeping a lot, we're thinking that means a growth spurt :)

The funny thing about looking at this blog is that the previous blog I entered was when we took our trip to California to see Kyle's family. We are leaving on Thursday to travel to Oregon to see Kyle's family :) It will be another wonderful trip full of more great pictures!!

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