Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Little miss Bella decided last night that she would try to crawl under the little ottoman in her room, not a good idea!!!

I was in the kitchen cooking like a good little housewife ;) Kyle came in to do some dishes while Isabella was running around being her silly little self. Next thing you know I hear a scared cry of, "mommy!". Terrified, I went running into her room to find her underneath the ottoman and completely stuck! She had her upper torso through, including her arms. It took us a while but we got her all twisted around and pulled out. Pulling her head out was tough, I have no idea how she even got in there in the first place!

Thank god she came out of with just a few scratches and bruises. That was fun to explain to her teachers this morning, I'm sure I scored tons of good mom points ;) Thankfully her teachers are awesome and found it pretty amusing, let's hope that Bella bug doesn't try cramming herself into tiny spaces any time soon!


stefyland said...

I seriously would have payed money to see that because since she is OK, it is really funny.

Stephanie said...

I know, if only I could have been calm enough to take at least one picture during the fiasco :)