Thursday, April 30, 2009

Isabella + Outside = PURE JOY

To be able to use this title for my post is so awesome, I figured I'd have to wait a few years to say the Bells playing outside is a joy at all!

It has been warming up here and getting humid. Bella played outside on a day that it was 80 degrees AND humid, she had NO issues with her skin OR eyes!

When I picked her up from school that day and walked into a room full of clapping I KNEW she had had a great day playing outside :) Who knew I could be brought to tears by little two years olds chanting "Bella pwayed outside" :)

I am extremely happy and excited about his, but don't want to be too overly joyful just yet. I'll need us to get into June and see how she does before I'll say (knock on wood) that she already grew out of the severe atopic dermatitis.

But I am so very thankful for these moments and look forward to many fun adventures this summer.

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nlaug said...

I hope you have many fun filled days outside ahead of you!