Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dress Fiasco

So I haven't posted in a while....life got crazy....I'm in a new bind!

The dress for Missy and Ed's wedding that everyone picked for me was magically out of stock when I went to order it (ironically so was Mindy's), so a new dress hunt began. It was terrible I searched for a whole 3 days and finally found one online and just ordered it.

Now according to their size chart I was right between a size 6 and 8 so I was safe and ordered the size 8. It got here today, all the way from China, and it's TOO SMALL!!!!!! Not too small that I can't lose the extra poundage and fit into it, but still, it's TOO SMALL!!!!

There was no tag inside the dress, therefore I'm not even positive if it's a size 8 and it doesn't say a size on the packing slip. I checked things out online (I will go through hell before I have to try to call China and talk to someone), where I realize that the dress I bought was a final sale!

So here we go, a whole new ball game of me with my body issues. I fluctuate and fluctuate and fluctuate, it's time to stop the maddening roller coaster!

Thank god I have Kyle who will now not only be my wonderful husband but also my amazing trainer and supporter. He will be a STRICT trainer, there can be no slacking off on this. I have 3 months to lose about 15 pounds (at least 5 pounds a month is realistic).

I know I can do this......

Damn dress from China!


stephaniezamora said...

UGH, how frustrating, especially cause if I know you, you don't need to lose 15 lbs... I'll pick up the slack on the manufactured sugar for you :)

Stephanie said...

thanks love, I need all the help I can get :)