Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love My Helpful Family

So my Saturday was an unexpected day of cleaning up my yard/gutters/pile of S&*( in the backyard. My dad came over with my little brother Larry and my nephews Zach and Reggie. They were all such an amazing help and I owe them so much!! It feels so good to have clean gutters and a backyard free of brush!!!!

My dad has been wanting to come in and help with this stuff, especially since Kyle's back has been so bad and he can't do any of this, not even mow the lawn. I've been trying to keep up on things but it's hard with such a cute little 2 year old that I'd much rather play with :)

LOVE these guys, I have the most amazing, supportive family!!!

Bella enjoyed the day playing in her new princess pool and with lots of bubbles. The pool was the biggest hit though!! :)

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