Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Trainer

So the big project of me losing some inches has begun and thankfully I have my very own personal trainer :)

The photo above is the last time I truly felt "fit", this was at Mindy's wedding two years ago, we also went to Hawaii that year. The thing is, I need to be even smaller than I was then! So absolutely NO CHEATING for me when it comes to food this time around!

Kyle and I have always butted heads when we worked out together. I'm not sure everyone knows this, but I'm very strong headed AND stubborn. We had different ideas when it came to working out and I was a bad listener.

This time around I have PROMISED to LISTEN. Thankfully I have grown a lot when it comes to working out, I've grown more in Kyle's direction :)

Last night seemed like a very short work out to me, honestly. BUT it kicked my butt and I'm pretty darn sore today, but not too sore that I can't run tonight when I get home. Thank you to my amazing hubby for putting up with me and giving me my one-hundreth chance to be trained by you :)

The next best thing I did was to set up a training program on my Nike+. I am doing a 15K trail run in October so I decided to do a half marathon 12 week training program. I start next week and am only running 3 days a week, I don't want to burn myself out! It's amazing though, I never realized that as you log more miles you can unlock items on Nike+, I now have a mini-me that is on my Facebook profile and logs my runs for me, totally awesome!!!

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stephaniezamora said...

wow, can i get on that program after dude is born?
your such a hotty!