Monday, August 31, 2009

Unapprecited Family for Hire...

You'd think we'd learn, we as in my way too giving family. Giving of time, energy, emotions, love, muscles, heart......

Rather than feeling appreciated for moving our Grandma's things from Newhall (the failure as one delusional Aunt likes to call it) to her new place in Cedar Rapids, it was like we all attacked her and made her life worse.

Now I love my Grandma, I always have and I always will. Even without receiving "I love you's" (imagine being her own children and never hearing that), or thank you's anything of that sort. She is my Grandma, there is some type of bond there although at this point that very fragile bond is shattering quickly.

Imagine us (myself, Laura, Larry, Sarah (Larry's awesome "new" girlfriend), Missy, Ed, Ken, and my parent's) moving all of this stuff like four months ago moving it yet again. A very heavy lift chair, a tv in an ancient oak console because that's the only thing that was good enough for Grandma to have her tv in. We moved this stuff down one flight of stairs and then carried it I don't know how far through the retirement home to Grandma's room.

Grandma was a bit cranky anyway when we got there, but the feeling of total unappreciation was THICK in the air. Especially when she came back into the room and had to make a comment that the pictures on the wall (I stuck them on nails already there to get them out of the way somewhere they wouldn't get broken) would definately not be staying there. Oops, sorry for trying to not break your things. So we took leave and decided to have lunch together.

Aunt Karen was at Grandma's when we got there and she had the fun task of going back to Grandma's to help get the rest of the stuff in order. Poor Karen had to hear how awful it was to have that many people at Grandma's at once. Gee sorry Grandma I can guarantee you that will NEVER happen again.

I guess I just can't possibly understand being I have such a loving mother, who is extremely appreciative of anything we do for her. A mother who tells me she loves me every day. A mother who has showed me the exact type of mother I strive to be. A grandmother who loves to hear her grandchildren play and sing (my Grandma thinks Bella is spoiled because we let her play and sing all of the time).

The whole point of this drawn out post is this: I expected a thank you, well not even that I guess just a feeling of greatfullness for all of us taking time to make sure Grandma's things were all there for her and placed in a way she could easily get around and be comfortable.

That just doesn't happen in my life.

My other Aunt.....well that's an entirely HUGE post all in it's own that will probably never happen. Let's just say that according to her my parent's are selfish, gold diggers who just want to take advantage of my Grandma.

Well Sally, you can stick it. Self deceit is the easiest deceit and someday you will learn that. How dare you insinuate the things you have, enjoy your very lonely life and we'll enjoy ours full of love and family.

Especially the parts with my little girl singing and playing all the time, I LOVE her little muppet voice and could listen to it every hour of every day.

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stephaniezamora said...

I am totally smacking my dry old lady hands together for you!