Monday, November 23, 2009

In Bella's Words...

"I went pee pee mommy, we don't swim in our pee pee."

Um, Bella you are right, we don't swim in our pee pee.

Me telling Bella it's time to take her nap yesterday...

"But, but, but, but Mama I want Missy to read me a story."

(She's been saying but, but, but when she can't spit her words out, so cute ;))

Decorating the Christmas Tree...

"Mama I'm gonna dance with Christmas" (bring on the dancing with the tree:)).

Heading out the door this morning for school..

"Wait Mama, I want to give the Christmas tree a hug, I love you Christmas."

God I LOVE this, she is so LOVING the Christmas season, she is totally her mother's daughter :)


stephaniezamora said...

you are one lucky mama!

Shalae said...

Love it! I can't wait to hug my Christmas tree and dance with Christmas too:)