Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WARNING - Anger Follows...

F*&( the goddamn Growth Clinic at the U of I. I got told today that because Bella grew a lot in height and not in weight that she is disproportionate....ARE YOU F*$(ing kidding me?!?! My beautiful daughter is not disproportionate, she's petite and perfect in my eyes. I don't have people stopping to stare at her because she looks like a freak for being super tall (hopefully you can sense my sarcasm) and skinny.

I was proud of myself though and stuck to my guns, pretty much anyway. When asked if I give Bella water I said yes. The doctor was apalled and said "why would you be doing that? There is water in milk! Only give her milk and NO water." I questioned that, I told her that as a runner and an adult trying to live a healthly lifestyle I'm tired of shoving fat into my daughter, restricting her water when she wants it, etc. She just made no sense to me and kept putting me down and saying, just think if you weren't doing the calorie boosting where would Bella be at right now? She also told me that the height growth shows she is getting enough calories to grow taller but not enough calories for the weight gain, WHATEVER!!!

Again I was told that there is NOTHING wrong with Bella besides her small size. When I asked if it's possible that Bella just has a high metabolism like her dad and will just be a tall petite girl/woman, the doctor went around my question and went on to something else.

It's all a freaking joke, we are not going back there again. I'm going to cancel our March appointment and be free of this. I can't take the stress of these appointments anymore, especially when the doctor makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

I love you Bells and would do ANYTHING for you, time to just be happy, eat what you want, drink water if you want it, and not worry anymore!!

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