Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wonders of the Ear

Today Bella had a check up for the tubes in her ears. We've been putting in drops once a month to help them come out. Those little guys were still in there today and our doctor wanted to get some of the wax out to help them come out.

Bella was leery of this because of the little scissor like tool Bridgette was going to use. She did amazing for the first ear, it was the ear that had the bleeding problem before. I was holding Bella's hand and Bridgette was working on it, Bridgette said "oh my, just wait until you see what I pull out of here." She pulled out what looked like a plug the size of a big pill, it was seriously huge!!! Totally gross, she had to break it up to find the tube inside of it all. Bella was a little freaked but did amazing, it took some coaxing to get her to let Bridgette do the left ear but in the end we did it and got the second tube out.

Now Bella is tube free and it was our last appointment with Bridgette, we will miss her, she is so wonderful!! Bella can now hear properly, seriously I feel like such a bad mom. She has probably been unable to hear out of her right ear well for a while now. It just occurred to me that she always sat with one ear cocked towards the tv when she watches it, now I know why. At least her hearing will be great now :)

So proud of my big girl, she got TWO stickers for being such a champ :)

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