Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bloody Ear

The phone call I received from LaPetite yesterday afternoon:

"Stephanie this is Jessica at LaPetite, um Bella woke up from her nap and has blood draining out of her right ear. Not to shock you but it was quite a bit."

Me - WTF!?!

I got there to pick her up and Jessica forewarned me yet again about the amount of blood. My poor Bella, she had blood in her hair and there was a lot in her little ear. It didn't help that she was wearing black leggings with print and a black shirt, so she looked super tiny and extra pale along with blood in her blonde hair. I was doing so good until I saw her :(

We went to our family doctor and she couldn't tell what was going on due to the amount of blood, she couldn't see! So we went to our ENT today and found out that it was just the tube moving and it irritated a blood vessel! So thankfully it was nothing serious :) Just drops over the next 10 days and a check up appointment in a month.

Bella was AMAZING through it all, she is such a brave little girl when she goes to the doctor. I guess that's a blessing in disguise with all the doctor visits we've had to make so far in her 3 1/2 years. They took her weight, she did have clothes and shoes on but she is up to 27.2 pounds, such a big girl :)

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The Veldmans said...

I'm sure that was very scary! Glad to hear that it was nothing serious. I hope that she is feeling better, and I hope that she got a reward for being so brave at the Dr's office. :)