Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luckiest Girl

This weekend was one of Bella's good friends birthday parties at the Playstation on Saturday right after her dance class. I was down and out with a headache so my wonderful hubby and amazing daddy took our little Bella to dance AND the birthday party, he even helped to serve cake at the birthday party :)

Not only does he do something so amazing but has continued to tease me about my birthday party. He will tell me NOTHING, even if I just ask if he has contacted certain people he just nods and says nothing. He is truly enjoying this extremely rare time of me knowing absolutely nothing about this. I must admit I am truly enjoying this as well, the anticipation of the suprise just makes me happy!

I was given a tad bit of info though, I was told we need to get the house spring cleaned before the weekend of my party. I asked him why, I mean I know or wonderful friend David is staying with us but figured that was it and he comes to our house often anyway. Then Kyle says, "well we need to clean a bit more, you are just going to shit your pants."

Now that anxious feeling is off the charts, who could be coming that would make me shit my pants, who???? I love this, love it, love it, love it. I'm so lucky to have this wonderful man who is putting so much effort into a birthday party for me, he totally rocks :)

Although now this means on Saturday we will be replacing our shutters, screen doors, mail box and some blinds :) Hey, its his fault for telling me we need to get the house spring cleaned!

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