Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Official....I'm CRAZY

Seriously, what the HELL??? I'm very frustrated right now, my blood tests were normal, which is a GOOD thing. I'm frustrated for having gone through a very crappy past month and worrying over NOTHING.

Why did anyone have to put cancer in my head, why??? I just feel like this issue was blown so far out of proportion it's not even funny. I had family and friends so worried, I share too much I know I do, but I get scared and hate going through anything like this without the HUGE amount of support I have. The nodule could grow and become an issue as far as size, so then I would have to have the thyroid removed. But for now there are no issues whatsoever.

I'm just CRAZY!!! I was told to take a multi vitamin and I will start doing that. Hopefully I will get my damn head on straight and stop feeling so tired somehow.

Aaaahhhhh, I just need a quiet beach. I'm sure Kyle wouldn't want me making a little sand beach in our backyard, take a few days off and drink some delicious cocktails. Plus its maybe 45 degrees, so that wouldn't be too much fun anyway ;)

Thank you to everyone who let me cry on their shoulders, gave me advice, listened to my rants, I would have been lost without you all!

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