Monday, December 19, 2011

Monster Longies

So one of my bestest friends had found these super cute baby/toddler pants with monster faces on the butts, they also had skull and cross bone ones, a bunch of different patters and they are knitted pants. The downfall was that they were $80 a pair!!!!

So I went online and found a pattern for longies, I realized it is super easy to just double stitch the faces or patterns onto the butt. I offered my knitting skills and will now be adding these pants to my shop.

I can't wait to keep updating the shop and then really start promoting it, I've just been busy and haven't spent the time I need to on it.

Here is the first finished pair of monster longies, actually not completely finished I don't have the cute drawstring on them yet, but that is the only thing missing :)

How cute are they??

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