Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peaceful Joy

Yesterday I made the decision to start volunteering once a week for Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League. It began with me following a posting about 50 horses being sent to the Kalona, IA auction on March 5th.

I got so engrossed in this because the woman taking these 50 horses to the sale has them all marked to go to a slaughter house if they don't sell at the auction. Come to find out this woman has taken 50 horses to two previous sales with the same stipulations. Along with this story there was a video of the Kalona horse sales, it had me sobbing through the entire video. I personally can't take on any horses at this point, even batting my eyes at my dad and the sad story won't get him to have any at his place ;)

My parents really want to sell their house and land next year, but I know my dad did kind of think about it for maybe 10 seconds :)

So I was wondering what in the world can I do for horses in our area since I can't go to the auction and just buy some of the ones marked for slaughter. I found the rescue league and contacted them right away.

I was thrilled to have a response already today. I get to meet with the gal in charge of volunteers tomorrow over my lunch hour and I get to meet some of the horses I will be working with too. I'm just elated to be doing this, it will only be for one to two hours a week but I get to do something so wonderful!

It has been far too long since I've been involved with horses, they truly bring a sort of peace to my life, their smell, their demeanor, everything about them, yes even cleaning the stalls, just makes me feel at peace. Someday in this lifetime I truly hope I can somehow have a place where I can have my own horses.

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