Friday, February 24, 2012

Prayers Please

My family is in need of some prayers and good luck.

My beautiful niece Evey (Mindy and Casey's daughter) was diagnosed with Nystagmus yesterday. This morning they are seeing an ophthalmologist to find out what type she has and if she has lost any vision yet.

We've noticed that her eyes constantly bounce from side to side, but Mindy thought it would be something she would outgrow. Her daycare provider mentioned it to her on Wednesday so I told Mindy to contact their family doctor right away and get her checked out. I did a lot of research and thought it would be Nystagmus but I was so hopeful it wouldn't be.

Evey is such a sweet, happy little baby. I'm sad they will have to go through this struggle but I also know that Mindy and Casey are very strong and they will get Evey through this and help everyone understand her condition.

Evey will be one of those adorable little toddlers with glasses and she will have more support than anyone could ever imagine!

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