Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Changes in 2013

Life is just full of surprises!

After an interesting journey for Kyle he decided to resign from his sales job right before Christmas, it just wasn't a good fit, he wasn't making any money and was very unhappy.

Kyle has been bartending at a Japanese steakhouse, Osaka, he loves it there and is happy to be bartending again.  We are grateful that he had this job while the sales job was obviously not working out.

He had applied for a position as a Business Coach with Jimmy John's, he was the perfect candidate and they were very excited to have him join their team. That was until he went in for the face to face interview (which was a six hour drive round trip), wearing a nice long sleeved button up and he was asked if he had tattoos.  Yes he has tattoos, he showed they guy his tattoos and was told he would get a phone call later in the day about the job.  He was told he would have the job as long as their tattoo policy worked out with his tattoos.

Rather than a phone call Kyle received a very short email from Jimmy John's letting him know they do not hire people that have to cover tattoos.  It was a joke, we went on a rampage and found out there are numerous employees that have tattoos that are visible.  Jimmy John's in this area will have lost some business, the tattoo community is pretty large here and we're a tight group.  The support has been overwhelming!!!  

There are some that want us to file a lawsuit, but really what would that give us, other than bills for a lawyer and a big headache.  No thanks, we just choose to never give Jimmy John's our business again.

We went through all of this and the Saturday after the Jimmy John's debacle Kyle is now going to be a personal trainer and class instructor for the biggest 24 hour gym in Cedar Rapids.  Too say he is excited is an understatement!  He has wanted to get back into a gym for a very long time.

How funny life is, it seems everything has worked out as it should.  I get a free gym membership and we have an amazing gym to use for my training for the figure competition that I WILL be doing this year in October.  That fun is all being documented on my fitness blog :)

We have decided as a family to cut out as much negativity and drama as we can.  I know it is just the beginning of January but man are we taking this seriously.  It is amazing how much better it feels to leave others' drama to themselves, ignore any negativity, and choose to be a more positive family for us but mostly for our beautiful daughter Bella.

Speaking of Bella, she is rocking at school, reads like a champ, can add and subtract, LOVES school, I could go on and on about our angel who gets us through everything and teaches us to just be happy and enjoy our life together.

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