Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Girls Are Mean

Tonight I noticed that Bella was acting "off".  We are lucky in the sense that she is a very laid back child, loves to sit and color, play games, read books, watch Scooby Doo, play Barbies, she has some sass but not too often.  She is always very happy, laughing, playing, just being silly, not so much tonight.  She seemed sad and just wanted to snuggle.

Immediately I thought she was sick, but no temperature and she told me she felt ok.  At that moment she said nothing was wrong and she didn't know why she was feeling sad.  So I dropped it and let her snuggle with Papa watching some tv.

When it was bedtime, that was time for us to have a talk.  Bella has had problems with a girl in her class since the first day of school, as a mother it has been heart wrenching to see her go through this.  I notified her teacher immediately and she has been wonderful, the counselor as well.  It seemed like things were getting better, there have been some issues here and there, but nothing too major.

So I ask Bella to tell me about her day, how school is going, how Lily Pad was after school.  She gets all excited and is telling me about her day at school and then she pauses and gets this sad look on her face.  She tells me that her timeline material got put on the wrong table and the girl she has issues with grabbed it and was very rude and pushy in giving it to Bella and trying to make her take it away.  Bella said she went to tell her teacher right away, but the girl was pretty rude the entire day.

Bella then goes on and says, "mommy, I just don't know why she doesn't like me."  OMG, talk about heartbreaking, to see my little Bella all teary eyed, holding back the sobs and being strong, wondering how someone could not like her.  I told her immediately how wonderful, amazing, strong, sweet, caring, loving she is, I mean it was serious diarrhea of the mouth!

Then Bella hugged me and said, "I know mommy, you tell me every day how special and strong I am.  I know that and I have way more friends than "the girl" does because she is bossy and mean to everyone.  She gets in trouble a lot and I just wouldn't want to be her friend."

WOW.  I could not be more proud and in awe of my six year old daughter, seriously.

We have long road ahead of us, there will be mean girls throughout her life.  I hope we continue to help Bella grow into a strong and confident young lady, I know from personal experience how tough it can be to not have the confidence to face the mean girls.

I love you Bella, you teach me more than you could ever know and make me want to be a better person every day.

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