Monday, April 29, 2013


 Life has been good for our little family.  Sorry the updates on this blog have been few and far between!

We had a wonderful Easter and spent it at my parent's house, so much love when we all get together, the egg hunt was a blast even with the crazy winds and cold weather.  Bella got lots and lots of candy that will probably last her until next Easter!

She likes to pose like a ballerina when she wears dresses, she picked this one out herself.  Quite a change from her normal pink or purple!

I turned 32 this year, we had a wonderful night out with my family, can't believe I'm 32 life is going by way too fast!

We got to help my niece Lauryn get ready for her dance recital photos this past weekend.  My sister Laura helps her friend Jill who does the photography so I got to do Lauryn's hair and makeup and get her to the studio.  Bella loved watching me of course, she is really getting into fashion.

I'm thinking we're going to have a girly tomboy on our hands, we're so happy for that :)  Yesterday was a beautiful day and we live a half mile from Bella's school.  So we decided to head to the playground there and Bella wanted to run.  It was awesome, my first run with my daughter and she did great.  We ran all the way to the playground, played on the equipment and had some soccer practice with daddy, then we ran all the way home.

I already know we have a little runner on our hands and I couldn't be happier. One of the biggest positives that has come out of the changes we've made at home to eat healthier and consistently exercise is seeing Bella watch the changes in us and making better choices herself to live healthier.

She truly enjoys the protein smoothies I make at home, having a good protein and veggies for dinner, exercising.  I made some progress this week, I can finally do more push ups than Bella :)  She may be small but she is strong!

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