Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tiny Dancer No More

Monday night after dance class Bella got her official notice that she has completed the Tiny Dancers program at Dancer's Edge!

Bella is so, so excited!  In Tiny Dancers she learned tap and ballet, now she will have the option to take Ballet I, Tap I, Jazz I, or Hip Hop I.  We will keep her in ballet for sure, it is universal and she needs that if she ever wants to do Lyrical or Jazz.

We were discussing the classes and she wants to do Ballet of course and when I asked her what else she would like to do she said:

"Well mom, hip hop of course!  I mean, I can break dance and Lauryn (her cousin) and I always do hip hop dances together."

Geez, how the heck did I not know my little girl would want to do hip hop? :)

So we're thinking she can do hip hop for the summer, if she really does love it then our little Bella will be performing in Ballet and Hip Hop for her recital next year.  I love her ambition, she can do anything and I'm so proud that she feels that way herself!

Next year could prove to be very exciting for Bella, Theatre Cedar Rapids will be giving a performance of Les Mis next fall.  My sister Mindy volunteers for them as a make up artist, Bella and I got to go with her while she did make up for the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz last Friday.  Bella LOVED it, she was amazed by the dressing room area, the makeup, the transformation, just had a great time.

So Mindy mentioned to me yesterday that they will be looking for a girl age 7-8 to play the part of young Cosette.  Ok so this musical is one of my FAVORITES, Mindy is really wanting Bella to try out for the part next spring.  I talked to Bella about it last night and she is already starting to learn "Castle on a Cloud".  She sounds so cute right now singing it, she is very excited and happy she has so much time to learn the song and learn more about singing.

I'm one happy mommy, my little princess is growing up so fast, I am so, so beyond happy that we are able to have her do these things that she loves so much.

Bella can do anything she puts her mind to, now if only we could get her to get the hang of holding her breath under water :)

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