Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Fun

The weather happened to be perfect for Easter this year, it was so nice to not have to worry about coats or rain!

We spent the day at my sister Jenn's house and had a wonderful time!  There was so much yummy food (I was good and brought my own to stay on plan) but I did indulge in a slice of banana cake roll that I had made.  I ran 8 miles in the morning so the few extra calories and carbs were actually needed :)

Bella had a blast with her cousins, it was so much fun watching them do the egg hunt.  Evey and Lyla were just so thrilled running around finding eggs.  John did a great job hiding the big kid eggs in the back yard, it took Reggie and Lauryn a little while to find them all.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing family.  I wish that day could have lasted longer, just full of so much joy and love.

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