Monday, April 7, 2014

Tooth Fairy Fun - Swimming Lessons

Bella has had three loose teeth for a while now, last week she pulled one of them out at school.  She was so proud of herself when she told us about it, the nurse at school gave her a cool tooth keychain to put her tooth in so she wouldn't lose it.

That night I totally forgot about her tooth, it was a day that I had stayed home due to a horrible migraine.  I went back to bed after hearing about her tooth and woke up the next morning in a panic.  Thankfully she forgot to put it under her pillow so she let us know the tooth fairy didn't come because of that.

So the next night I wait until she goes to bed, sneak in her room and I'm feeling under her pillow for the tooth while trying not to wake her up.  I couldn't find it!  So I wrote a note in super spirally hand writing saying "I will be back for the tooth ~ T.F." and left her a dollar.

The next morning Bella wakes up and said the tooth fairy didn't come.  I asked her where the tooth was and she said it was under a different pillow, I told her to double check under the pillow she sleeps on.  She did and was all excited to show us her dollar and the note from the tooth fairy.  That night Kyle grabbed the keychain so we could just take the tooth, at about 11pm we saw a light on in the hallway and then Bella knocked on our door.  She was looking for the tooth keychain to put it in the right spot, I had already taken the tooth out of it so we told her the tooth fairy must have been to our house already and taken it.  Thankfully she went along with that and was excited to see the empty keychain the next morning.

What a whirlwind of tooth fairy pretending at our house last week!  Thankfully Bella still believes, who knows how much longer that will last :(  She already told my mom that she knows there is no Easter bunny, she hasn't told us that yet.  The time is coming for her to know the truth, how can she be this age already????  I will hold out until she asks me directly if these magical beings are real.

Saturday was her first day of swimming lessons for this session.  She is in Level II again and still has issues with floating.  At first she didn't want to get in the water, didn't go under the water at all but ended up having a lot of fun.  My hopes were high because her teacher was the same amazing teacher she had last time, but she was just subbing Saturday, dang it!  We'll meet her actual teacher next Saturday.

My little girl is growing up, she can still wear a 5T swimsuit, but she is really growing up :)

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