Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet Ronan

I had yet to introduce my handsome nephew, Ronan Allen Bechthold.  Missy and Ed had their sweet boy on September 3rd.

It killed me to have to wait a couple of days before we were able to go meet him.  He was much smaller than the doctors thought he would be and right when I got a hold of him he had my heart :)

He has been a wonderful baby, right away he would give them five hour stretches of sleep at a time.  I made sure Missy and Ed knew exactly how lucky they were for that ;)  Just teasing, well a little, after not sleeping for over a year with Bella I am envious of those who get the experience of good sleep with their newborn.

Ronan looks just like Lyla did, he eats well, sleeps well and is so happy.  At just over two months he is smiling and cooing.  I can't get enough of him, I so wish they didn't live in Des Moines!  Lyla is a wonderful big sister and loves her baby brother so much.  Can't wait to see them next week for Thanksgiving!

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