Monday, February 1, 2010


I am so very happy to have a daughter, I really truly feel I was meant to have my girl. I don't think I could handle the boy parts, seriously. Peeing on you, the strange things that go on with their little boy part, not for me.

So instead I will get to deal with the little girl parts. Bella has become very interested in herself over the past year. She likes to go potty with mommy and that makes it a little strange when Aunt Flo is visiting ;) Thankfully she moves on quickly from wondering what mommy is doing with the little "stick". I probably should put a stop to the pottying together, but it's not too often and when it's that time of the month I simply don't think about it until it's too late.

Last night before we put on jammies she was standing there in just her undies. Kyle was sitting in the rocking chair deciding which book to read. I suddenly realized that Bella was standing there rubbing her fingers over one of her nipples.

I was frantically trying to get Kyle's attention without notifying Bella because she was just so intrigued! Kyle saw what I was trying to point out and both of us were having a hard time not giggling and I think Kyle was slightly uncomfortable. I'm not sure how daddy is going to deal with his baby girl wondering about her body!

I'm not sure why this was so hilarious to me, but it was. Bella has seen Kyle with his shirt off and myself too, but it's like she just suddenly realized she has those strange things too! So Bella knows now that boys and girls have nipples, no we don't go around touching them or touching others, they are PRIVATE.

The joy of kids :)

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Shalae said...

Thanks for the shout out on the little boy parts peeing all over the place;) Love you guys!!!