Thursday, January 28, 2010


Time for some Kyle back talk.

Today Kyle met with a new neurosurgeon, he has only been in our area for a couple of months. Kyle's therapist (that Kyle has been seeing for about five months) referred him to this new guy because Kyle's old doctor wouldn't really look into his issues any further. The old doctor kept telling Kyle that it is all in his muscles, they need to be retrained with therapy and meds, blah, blah, blah.

We found out today that Kyle has a herniated disc right above the fusion in his back. Not only does he have that one but they think there may be more. He is having two MRIs tomorrow morning and we should know on Monday how many and how bad they are.

There are two options, one (if the discs aren't too badly herniated) is injections. Kyle told me what they are, but damn if I can remember what they are called! If they are really bad then he has to have a 2nd fusion in his back.

So we're happy to know that there truly is a major issue. Just for the fact that Kyle is not going crazy, there really is this horrible pain that therapy and meds just aren't helping. Also for the fact that I'm not wondering if he is crazy and the pain is in his head. I just couldn't understand why all the crap he is doing just doesn't seem to be helping him.

I'm not looking forward to finding out just how bad things are, this neurosurgeon just can't believe how bad Kyle's back is for his age, that's never a good sign :( A second fusion would help, but it can also make his back weaker, it's kind of lose/lose situation, my poor Kyle.

We also found out that his interview for the Manager position is on Monday, so Monday will be a big day for the Griffins!

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