Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year. Kyle was so sweet and brought me flowers to work on Friday. He refuses to have them delivered, he also picks out the arrangement himself when he gets me flowers, such a sweetie :)

Bella was very excited for Valentine's Day. We had a very special present to give Grandma and Papa. For their 25th Anniversary we (the eight kids) threw them a surprise party with a slideshow of old pictures. They never got a copy of the slideshow on DVD, so I decided to make them one.

I had the pictures on my computer and the music, it took me a while but it was so worth it!!

They had no idea what the DVD was that they opened, when I put it in and the music started they knew what it was. My parents watched that DVD and cried, they were so thankful and just surprised. I had been wanting to do this and was going to wait until May for their anniversary but I just couldn't wait that long. We had also made them a DVD of Bella, which they loved just as much :)

After that we spent the day at home. I had made a DVD for Kyle also, photos from when we first started dating up until now, I LOVE seeing all those pictures and how much we've grown together :) Kyle got me some delicious chocolate covered cherries......I think there are three left :)

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