Monday, November 15, 2010

Bella Chats

Bella: Mommy what are those? (She is pointing at my boob.)
Mommy: They are boobs Bella.
Bella: Boys don't have boobs mommy.
Mommy: Boys have boobs Bells, they are just smaller than girls'.
Bella giggles.
Mommy: Bella we don't point at boobs or try to touch them, they are private for girls.
Bella: But I like boobs!

I couldn't contain my laughter at that one :)

This moment she is taking a bath.

Bella: I see two mommy's! (While she is just looking at me from the tub.)
Mommy: WHAT??
Bella: When I look at my nose with my eyes like this (she crosses her eyes) I see two mommy's!
Mommy: (Trying to hold in my laughter.) Bella its not good to do that with your eyes.
Bella: My mommy's are pretty.

She just melts me and makes me laugh :)

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